September 30 - Life Is a Rehearsal

Tech rehearsal for

Davis Community Church

Cabaret Music Fundraiser


tomorrow Saturday, October 1 --

Fellowship Hall,

412 C Street, Davis, CA), including


Kander (b. 1927) -

      Cabaret (1966):

          Act I -

               I. Wilkommen /


Hughie Prince (1906-1960) -

Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy (1941),

Kacey Musgraves (b. 1988) -

      Rainbow (2018),

Melody Gardot (b. 1985) -

     Morning Sun (2015)

Christian Petzold (1677 – 1733, attributed to J.S. Bach, 1685-1750) - Minuet in G Major (1725),

David Hawkins -

     Juggler (2022),

Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) -

     Candide (1956): Act I, Scene 4 - I Am Easily Assimilated,

Mark Aburger (b. 1957) -

     Henry Miller in Brooklyn, Op. 77 (1999): VI. Arthur Rimbaud,

Gioacomo Rossini (1792-1868) /  C. E. F. Weyser, 1774 – 1842) - Cat Duet  (1825),

Frank Wildhorn (b. 1958) - Jekyll and Hyde (1990): Act I - Facade

with a final dance party by

Latina Band --

and all looks and sounds to be ready-to-go!



could still be said of ATT internet,

which continues to be out --

Harriet and I spending a fair amount of time in the Library,

for email,


before she takes the next step towards

Xfinity with purchase of new equipment.  Ultimately we decide to schedule a tech guru's appointment here tomorrow,

then off toward rehearsal,

on the 211th day of


high up 4 to 93 (90 in Davis) --

Somehow find time on the road to put

Cynthia, Scott and His Trombone, Me and My Cello in a Scion, op. 248 (2015)

on the complete works site, and earlier

edit page 20

Harp Concerto ("Ballerina"), Op. 123 (2004)
    I. Allegro giusto

in the aura of

Frank Martin (1890-11974) - Symphonie Concertante, Op. 48 (1954)...

September 29 - Spaces

And, just like that, the ATT internet goes out, and it takes a while to determine it's the whole neighborhood, or so they say, and the bedside manner is not good -- so, in need to keep up w/ email, particularly SFCCO business

(and design San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra presents Circling -- 8pm, October 22, Lakeside Presbyterian Church, 201 Eucalyptus, SF),

head off to the local libary while Harriet continues to kindly deal w/ the situation (we have signal registering on modem and computers, so this is different, and more ominous than ever before).  Accomplish modest results, including

editing page 19

Harp Concerto ("Ballerina"), Op. 123 (2004)
    I. Allegro giusto


The Decameron: Fifth Day, Op. 247 (2015)

on the Complete Works site,

updating text re

Book of Dreams, 2022, Op. 376 (2022)
     September 28-29
          4am So, Don't Change the Subject

returning to check up up on situation,

then off again with Harriet,





210th day of summer,

high down 2 to 89 (Davis, 88),

to --

after a hoof getting there due to Central Park celebrations --

Davis Community Church






and his parents),





Choirs --


Upon return, can't helpf but notice that Xfinity has been on the whole day --including

Joseph Ryeland (1870-1965) - Symphony No. 4 in B Minor, Op. 55 (1913), and

Dmitri Kabalevsky (1904-1987) - Violin Concerto in C Major, Op. 48 (1948) -- hmm -- perhaps we'll have to do something about this relative reliabilty at the moment...

Also produce another edition for

Hymn Edits (Hymns for Her), Op. 404 (2022)...