December 31 - Looking Ahead and Back

Well, this pretty much wraps it up for the year, the saga continuing hopefully soon at

Meanwhile we Zoom with the family east to

take in

the New York


witnessing from California

the near calindric future.

Soon after

we open up additional

Christmas gifts

including those contained in the cards that are complete vocal scores of

The Nativity According to St. Matthew, Op. 72 (1998).

Later, Harriet and I take in the Mountain Time Happy New Year of a potato

explosion, as we look forward to our own next year,

on this 52nd day of Fallish temperatures,

high down 4 to 59,

with news of more ominous weather ahead...

Design cover and post

    I. Dante Bramante Bronte
    II. Earth Hearth Heart
    III. Weird Word World

on the Complete Works site

Also make the jump to Xfinity from ATT for a far more reliable internet experience, in an atmosphere of

a documentary on Broadway recommended by our friend and benefactor Tony Tanke,

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)
     Symphony No. 8 ("Of a Thousand") (1906)

solemn news of the death of Pope Benedict XVI (1927-2022), and New Year's hilarity from

Anderson Cooper (b. 1967), Andy Cohen (b. 1968), and

Seth Meyers (b. 1973)!...